Patti Smith, by Lynn Goldsmith. Young and Bad 1977 ASK THE ANGELS /  Today, Lynn Goldsmith's "Rock and Roll Stories" came out. Goldsmith is known for not only chronicling Bruce Springsteen's ascent, but also the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, U2 and Bob Marley. In "Rock and Roll Stories," Gol...

'Rock And Roll Stories': 7 Stunning Photos Of Iconic Musicians

Lynn Goldsmith, Patti Smith, 1976 (printed Digital inkjet print, Image: x 30 cm x 11 National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Patti Smith, one of the coolest women alive.

Frank Stefanko Patti Smith, New York City, “The Stoop” Greenwich Village, New York,“Minetta Street” 1974 photographs: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Prints

Patti Smith by Bob Gruen in NY... Follow – > Like ->

Patti Smith by Bob Gruen in NY

Patti Smith and Eric Andersen posing on the balcony at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1973

"She may be the song that summer sings" ♪ Eric Andersen and Patti Smith at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1973


*Patti Smith* "Robert called me before the shoot and said ‘I don’t care what you do or what you wear but don’t have spaghetti stains on your shirt.

Patti - godmother of punk

How I wish I looked when adjusting my cap to a jaunty angle whilst standing in front of some graffiti. Patti Smith via New York Punk