the fearless and stunning patti smith. loved JUST KIDS. "In art and dream may you proceed with abandon."

Once again..Patti Smith.

Patti Smith holding up Bob Dylan's portrait. Two of my favorite poets. #rocknroll #music

Patti Smith, posing with a Bob Dylan Magazine cover by photographer Judy Linn " When I look at the pictures and hear the songs I also see.

patti smith and bruce springsteen.

fuckyeahrocknroll: “ thesweetestpsychopath: “ “ poisonoushoneysuckles: “ Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Iovine (producer) ” ” oh, Patti and Young Bruce, if you’d had kids (together).

Patti Smith, one of the coolest women alive.

Frank Stefanko Patti Smith, New York City, “The Stoop” Greenwich Village, New York,“Minetta Street” 1974 photographs: Black and White Type: Archival Digital Prints

Patti Smith is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist who became an influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album "Horses". Called the "punk poet laureate", Smith fused rock and poetry in her work. Her most widely known song is "Because the Night", which was co-written with Bruce Springsteen.

Patti Smith wears a t-shirt that says 'Fuck the Clock' at a New Year's Eve concert at

Patti Smith and Eric Andersen posing on the balcony at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1973

"She may be the song that summer sings" ♪ Eric Andersen and Patti Smith at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC, 1973