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Patti Smith New York City 1977 - Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith, by Lynn Goldsmith. Young and Bad 1977 ASK THE ANGELS / Today, Lynn Goldsmith's "Rock and Roll Stories" came out. Goldsmith is known for not only chronicling Bruce Springsteen's ascent, but also the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, U2 and Bob Marley. In "Rock and Roll Stories," Gol...

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Inspiration: Patti Smith

Amazing rock and style icon, Patti Smith.

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Patti Smith by Kayanne Pickens-Solem

the fearless and stunning patti smith. loved JUST KIDS. "In art and dream may you proceed with abandon."

Once again..Patti Smith.

R13 Denim F/W 2016

Denim F/W 2016 Patti smith inspo

Patti Smith

"Freedom is.the right to write the wrong words." ~ Shouting Out to American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist, Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith (Capricorn, born December at 70 years today!

Patti Smith. interview

Stunning photo of Patti Smith. Patti Smith has not really ever taken time or cared too much about makeup (my guess) but she looks so pretty here.

Just Kids. Patti Smith photographed by Norman Seeff in the glamorous poverty of her Chelsea Hotel room, 1969.

Patti Smith by David Gahr, 1971

Robert Mapplethorpe  Patti Smith  1979  © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Patty Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe 1979 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Patti Smith, 1977

Patti Smith, 1977 by Judy Linn

Patti Smith, Paris 1973

patti in paris 73

patti smith robert mapplethorpe pictures

amazing life story of survival.First women rocker

Patti Smith by Annie Leibovitz, Café de Flore.

Clients would be super cool and effortless - Patti Smith by Annie Leibowitz @ Cafe de Flore.

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe

Kate Simon Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe New York City, 1979 Irvine Contemporary,

Patti Smith is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist who became an influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album "Horses". Called the "punk poet laureate", Smith fused rock and poetry in her work. Her most widely known song is "Because the Night", which was co-written with Bruce Springsteen.

Patti Smith wears a t-shirt that says 'Fuck the Clock' at a New Year's Eve concert at