"Splash Happy" - Paul Cadden {figurative realism art female head wet woman face #hyperreal b+w pencil drawing}
This is NOT a photograph.  It is "hyperrealist" art by Scottish artist Paul Cadden.  It is drawn by pencil!
Paul Cadden
Portrait drawings and paintings of Paul Cadden Artist
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Artist's drawings take between three and six weeks to create and sell for up to £5,000 each  The hyperrealist art is taken from a photograph but is produced in a non-photographic medium
Pencil drawings by Pail Cadden. Seriously, PENCIL.<<<<did anyone notice how it looks like Tonks?
Paul Cadden working on a drawing. The hyperrealist artist creates hand drawn images that look like black and white photographs.  This guy is amazing!
Pencil drawing by Paul Cadden
I was in Times Square just under a year ago - these pencil pictures are very, very cool http://mirr.im/AbI78G
Paul Cadden hyper realistic pencil artist.
These might look like photographs, but it's not all black and white when it comes to the work of this artist.    Despite looking like they have been captured on a camera, these are actually hand-drawn images created by hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden.    The 47-year-old, from Scotland, is able to recreate photos in amazing detail, often just using only a pencil.
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THIS IS A PENCIL DRAWING!, Paul Cadden (47 year old Scottish, hyperrealism artist)