The 8th Doctor - Paul McGann

I just finished watching "Doctor Who - The Movie" starring Paul McGann in his one & only appearance as The Doctor. The acting was terrible, the special effects were horrendous, and the dialogue was unintentionally funny. So naturally, I loved it!

What a missed opportunity this was - one film and some audio - and look what a Doctor he makes!

The most underrated Doctor, and probably not the one you were expecting: the legendary Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor.

The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann)

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes REVIEW

The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in his new costume from the latest series of Big Finish stories.

The 8th Doctor from The Night of the Doctor

The Night of the Doctor

Doctor Who 's the Doctor (Paul McGann, as seen in "Night of the Doctor") It was a nice surprise seeing Paul McGann back as the Doctor.


Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book.

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Paul McGann in this classic Doctor outfit with his TARDIS.

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Death in Paradise didn't give DI Richard Poole a fair send-off

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Remember the 8th Doctor? I remember that he said he was half human. Do you know what that means? Earth is the only home he has left; that's why he's so protective of it.

I think Paul McGann is the most handsome doctor. He kind of favors Alan Rickman. And I love him.

Paul McGann

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