Behind The Scenes Of "Withnail And I" Paul McGann

15 Wonderful Photos From Behind The Scenes Of "Withnail And I"

The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann)

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes REVIEW

The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in his new costume from the latest series of Big Finish stories.

Paul Mcgann - Hello Doctor

Paul McGann >> Oh hullo, Eight. Ok, yup. Just checking.<--- He will always be the most handsome Doctor.

What a missed opportunity this was - one film and some audio - and look what a Doctor he makes!

The most underrated Doctor, and probably not the one you were expecting: the legendary Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor.

paul mcgann | LFCC: Paul McGann Talks New Who Companion – ‘My Heart Went Pitter ...

Paul McGann, who played the Eighth Doctor, will be appearing this weekend at the London Film and Comic Con at the Olympia.


Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book.

Remember the 8th Doctor? I remember that he said he was half human. Do you know what that means? Earth is the only home he has left; that's why he's so protective of it.

I think Paul McGann is the most handsome doctor. He kind of favors Alan Rickman. And I love him.

"Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor.  A Rose With A Thorn by `Saimain on deviantART" THAT IS AWESOME!

adelelorienne: “ A Rose With A Thorn In honor of the Eighth month, here is my final tribute to the beautiful Eighth Doctor—whom I love so very, very much. Despite the traumatic circumstances of his.

The Night of the Doctor promo pics - The 8th Doctor looks FANTASTIC!!

Paul McGann - mini episode the night of the Doctor. The Doctor that got away really, b'cos the dullish film didn't trigger new series. Did some audio work as the Doctor, but he would, as the mini episode shows, have been a brilliant t.v Doctor.