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Ant-Man - one of the best super hero movies.  Wonderful!!!  Powerful redemptive story.  Paul Rudd is perfect.  Evangeline Lily, Michael Douglas, amazing.  Must See!!

Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man - one of the best super hero movies. Paul Rudd is perfect. - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

Oh My..Oh My....Oh My!!!!   Paul Rudd

43 Photos Of Paul Rudd In Honor Of His 43rd Birthday

The best Paul Rudd face of all time

37 Reasons You Can't Help But Love Paul Rudd

Sixty percent of the time, we love Paul Rudd all the time. The lovable actor first caught our eye when we swooned over his Clueless character, Josh, and it's been over 20 years since he first hit the Hollywood spotlight. Between his impressive movie

Mark Ruffalo Freaks Out Over Paul Rudd- mouthing "is that Paul Rudd?" to the cameras as he fangirls

Mark Ruffalo Fangirling Over Paul Rudd Is Just Too Good

Paul Rudd...funny and sexy!You've had me since "Are you saying you care about me?" (Clueless reference)

[[Paul Rudd]] Hey, I'm Liam. I'm 41 and currently a single widower. Before my wife died, she wanted to foster a kid. I feel guilty now, so I'm looking for a foster kid. I currently own a record shop down town.

Cool Stuff: Poster Posse Ant-Man Artwork Tribute

Cool Stuff: Poster Posse Ant-Man Artwork Tribute -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

Paul Rudd...he's been in some crap movies but he always manages to shine, plus he's easy on the eye... just getting better with age.

Paul Rudd: Everybody's Buddy

WHAT IS THIS? Who: Paul Rudd! Must have comedy-ensemble player, Master of the Bromance, all around good guy Why: He’s Paul Rudd! (always said with fist pump like Steve Holt! in Arrested Devel…