NOVA | Making More Stuff -  explore the frontiers of invention and innovation.

David Pogue Hosts the Premiere Screening of his New PBS Nova Program "Making More Stuff"


How One STEM School Aims to Lower the Achievement Gap

NOVA Online | Methuselah Tree | A Tree's Secret to Living Long

Program Overview for the NOVA program Lost King of the Maya: Using ancient hieroglyphs and new excavations, archeologists investigate the rise and fall of the majestic city of Copan.

Extract your own DNA? YOu can and you don't ned a lab to do it in. Just use a few common household items! Now, what you do with it afterwards is up to you!

Assemble a virtual DNA fingerprint and use it to identify the culprit in a hypothetical crime.

The science of good sauces, great teaching video made by America's Test Kitchen for Nova.

Nova Episode- How Smart are Animals? Amazing capabilities of so many unique animals. Dog segment is my favorite!

PBS's Nova Beta site has AMAZING documentaries, activities, and lessons based on different topics. This is a link to their bridge unit

Nova: Build a Bridge "Four open spans need bridges. You've just been put in charge of deciding which type of bridge is best for each of those four spans.

Evolution from PBS/Nova. Exciting videos, web activities and a blend of storytelling and science. It's a great site, and compelling!

Teaching Evolution This site includes an eight-session interactive course for teachers, a host of lessons for students, an evolution library and more. The site was designed and is managed by the WGBH Educational Foundation.

Video: Diatom Detective Helps Convict a Killer - Crime Scene Creatures | Nature | PBS

Crime Scene Creatures

We've compiled this list of engagement specialists working in the field who are willing to help.

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For More Effective Studying, Take Notes With Pen and Paper