Eerste computerspel pong, speelde je op de tv!

Pong Made in Germany 1977 - ok didn't know this was a German thing. I remember my parents and me playing this in the pre-computer games era.

Gaming Setup Update (New PC Case)

Setup Update 29-01-17

A beautifully lit setup, with awesome looking led fans inside that case.

Oh. My. God. Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing? Mind = blown. Part II…

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PIK3A: The Raspberry Pi 3 IKEA Retro Gaming Table | element14 Community

The Raspberry Pi 3 IKEA Retro Gaming Table, in Raspberry Pi Projects Documents

PC Games are a major part of my life, My gaming computer is my temple. It must be comfortable to use, never lag and must be as attractive as the women in summer on the beach. Table-top gaming computers are the cream of the crop when it comes to modified pcs, we all love them...

I want to make one of these soooooo bad Stunning Desktop Computer Custom Case!