The best PE and sport games for kindergarten, grade 1, 2 and 3 • Fire the cannons • A challenging and exciting throwing game. Check out for heaps more.

How to teach the ‘Throwing & Catching’ skills – Key cues for different variations



Love To Teach | Fine and Gross Motor Skills Checklist | Teacher, Student, and Parent Resources

This checklist is organized by fine and gross motor skills. It begins with simple tasks and progresses to more complex skills. For children ages.

Your Attitude Determines Your Direction #quote

Back to School- Part 2 (technology rocks. seriously.) 736x 0e 15 c9 0e15c9297c22a39ca472d75461b40412.jpg 736x 0e 15 c9 0e15c9297c22a39ca472d75461b40412.jpg

Kathleen Rietz - Illustration and Design: "The ABCs of Yoga for Kids" poster

Alphabet Yoga for Kids by Denise Mills Mann

Working out isn't the most joyous thing in life but you can make it be! Try out this "Spell your name work out" to make working out a little more fun.

Spell Your Name for a good warm up or get creative and come up with words to spell and do those workouts! Thank goodness my name is only 5 letters long! But I got double jumping jacks, double the squats and burpees - BOOOO!

food groups chart                                                                                                                                                     More

Post with 20 votes and 2473 views. Shared by Make sure to get foods from each of these food groups to stay healthy

All about "traffic light eating" and red light foods, yellow light foods, and green light foods: posters, lessons, and worksheets!

Healthy Eating: a nutrition & food groups pack with activities, posters, & MORE

• Weave & shoot • a basketball game idea - we've got loads more FREE PE activities and drills for all the core sport skills, check out loads more PE teaching ideas

‘Rapid Relay Races’: 6 competitive, challenging relay race ideas