Flirty Fleurs Peach Rose Color Study, Versilia, Campanella, Cinnamon, Juliet, Tiffany, Finesse, Peach Avalanche

The Peach Rose Study- saw these roses today, peach finesse for the first time.

Octoberfest Rose. I'd like to have a couple bushes of these in front of my house

"Octoberfest" - Grandiflora rose - Bred by Samuel Darragh McGredy IV = Elegant pointed buds open into ever-changing yellow, orange and red blended together to form a beautiful large, double, cluster-flowered, high-centered blooms.

Fabulous peach rose by Fine Art Photography by Yana Bondareva.

Sensual Fine Art Photography by Yana Bondareva

Girlie Folies Peach Spray Rose

Peach Spray Roses - for Maids, Corsages and tables - chosen from color palette