Paper Quilling peacock ( if could be done in large scale for a wall would be neat )

Okay this isnt a tattoo but this design would make a gorgeous minimalist style tattoo imo

michaelmoonsbookshop:  beautiful peacock design art nouveau book cover art nouveau

michaelmoonsbookshop: “ michaelmoonsbookshop: “ Attractive late century gilt design on blue cloth - The beautiful art nouveau Peacock design is by AA Turbayne ” [Sold] ”

Sculptural et imposant, le fauteuil Peacock est constitué d’une seule feuille de plastique se déployant dans l’espace à la manière d’un paon.


Rolling Up Paper Makes Beautiful Art

While working a job in HR, Istanbul-based artist Sena Runa discovered the craft of paper quilling. People who quill start by rolling up bits of colorful paper into amazing images, which is exactly what this artist started doing behind her desk.

Elegant Christmas Wreath, Beautiful Teal & Bronze Brown Poinsettias, Peacock Design by regina

I have designed this wreath on a quality birch twig wreath. In this wreath are beautiful teal and bronze/brown


La couleur de l'année : Bleu Paon ou bleu canard