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Peanut Allergy Treatment: What Causes Peanut Allergies in Children

Peanut allergy in toddlers. Peanut allergy in children. Peanut allergies in children is on the rise. Find out statistics, symptoms, treatments, and tips on how to raise a child with peanut allergies.

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The Effects of Anaphylaxis on the Body

**If you believe you are experiencing an anaphylactic reaction, please call 911 and seek medical treatment immediately. Effective treatment for life-threatening anaphylactic reactions are time sen…

What Are the Symptoms of a Peanut Allergy?

The FDA has announced a phase-out of a harmful class of ingredients -- partially hydrogenated oils -- to reduce the amount of damaging trans fat in your food.

A severe allergic reaction can lead to anaphylactic shock. Find out the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this potentially life-threatening condition.<br/>

Anaphylactic Shock: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Peanut Allergies and Delayed Anaphylaxis: Signs, Symptoms, and More (note: some of the language regarding treatment is vague.

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Does your have a nut allergy? Read on to learn more about the and how to make the most of their meals!

Peanut Allergy and the Skin: Q&A with Dr. Helen Brough

The skin may hold the answer to why some children develop peanut allergies before ever having peanuts, according to new research.

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