Plus, the one thing they have in common.

This Is How It Girls in NYC and L.A. Are Dyeing Their Hair

THE most tagged media for salon pros! The most "stolen" magazine in the break room!

ash blonde hair with silver highlights 2016

medium blonde hair with platinum highlights: These white highlights are the spice of the shoulder length waves. It’s one of the best coloristic ideas for contemporary multi-dimensional blonde hair.

Variations of blonde hair color done right

The Truth About Going Blonde

Thank God to my very skilled hair stylist Steph! She made me blonde exactly as one is supposed to.I went from a medium brown to blonde in about 11 months to a year.I didn't mind the time frame at all.each monthly visit was very exciting for me!

Pearl icy blonde summer hair color highlights pale golden blonde beige done by IG: hairbynickyz

Tons of blond shades are available for ladies with different natural textures, skin tones and hair lengths.

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