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Pegasus - Bergsma Gallery Press :: Paintings :: New Images 2015 :: 'Night Wind' - Prints


Pegasus Reborn by Artist-Andrew Gonzalez creates amazing transfiguration, esoteric and visionary work. All work is pinned directly from the artist website.

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I rode pegasus into the sunset just like this in my past life regression hypnosis session. together we bring about spiritual evolution. at least in hypnosis

The Pegasus was the mount of the hero Bellephron. Together they destroyed the Chimera. This flying horse gave him great agility to dodge the many blows from the Chimera. Later Bellephron thought that he was as great as the gods and rode to heaven on the back of Pegasus.

Primus here from the River of Ice lands. I am a Light pegasus who charges without fear into battle. My mother and father are dead and my sister drowned.

Unicorn with blue feather art

Smoke by on DeviantArt Unicorn Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Licorne Enchantment Einhorn unicorno unicornio Единорог jednorožec Eenhoorn yksisarvinen jednorożca unicórnio Egyszarvú Kirin

Pegasus Female by Lynx-Catgirl.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The art was painted in August 2015 but I forgot about it :/ So, here we are. She's from 'Hercules' and her sex changed to female Enjoy Pegasus Female