My relatives came over on the Aprilflower, so...they got here a month before yours did. Penelope SNL Kristen Wiig

my mom is six flags and my dad is busch gardens. at my wedding we didn't have mms, we had pp and qqs. i have a salad bar in my car. the steering wheel is a cruton :)

Penelope SNL, lol!

Makes me miss Monday night closes with Amy V and lil Tammy

Penelope at her finest :)

My all time favorite SNL skits are the ones with Kristin Wiig as Penelope

bahahahaha - Penelope SNL

"Whatever you've done in your life, I've done it better, so." - Penelope (Kristen Wiig, SNL) One of the best sketches ever!everyone knows someone like this.

"I Love SNL" "I love SNL more so..."

Funny pictures about World's greatest chef. Oh, and cool pics about World's greatest chef. Also, World's greatest chef.

SNL Target skit with JT

Kristen Wiig and Justin Timberlake as Target lady and Classic Peg. Fav SNL skit of all time.One of my favorite SNL funny!



"My panic attack's having a panic attack." well, i am a panic attack sooooooooo.

The 40 Greatest Kristen Wiig GIFs Ever. Happy 40th K Wiig. It was my 40th before you sooooooo.

The 40 Greatest Kristen Wiig GIFs Ever

15 Awkward Church Moments Everyone Tries to Avoid "pitch his tents" I actually laughed out loud.

"my car is a nut I do promotional work for planters so......" @trish Lemmerman

Everyone knows someone like Penelope, the hair-tugging, chronically fibbing one-upper (Speeding ticket? "I have 99 speeding tickets. I was speeding so fast .

SNL Penelope at the wedding.  Kristen Wiig.

SNL Penelope at the wedding.

Kristen Wiig-Penelope

Kristen Wiig-Penelope