Aurora is a great choice for your bedroom. Made from reclaimed wood with a white painted finish, this bedroom furniture range will add a classically stylish look to a room.

The delightful Aurora Bedroom Range offers a relaxed, country-style look that's perfect for a Highland Escape. Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Copper Penny Tile Jig for lining up pennies for a tile floor-I have seen a penny floor and it was amazing...only like 1.44 a square foot too!

We designed this custom jig for making tiles of pennies for a recent project. When we posted photos, a lot of people wrote asking if they could buy them, and now that we're finished with the project we decided to sell the unused jigs we had made.

Phase 1 , Letters and Sounds. I filled pairs of eggs with different objects (bells, oats, rice, sand, pennies etc.) the children had to find 2 eggs that had the same sound. Quite tricky, and really encouraged careful listening.

Phase 1 , Letters and Sounds. I filled pairs of eggs with different objects…

penny 365 saving | Saving daily will get harder as each day goes on (does anyone have ...

1p Saving Challenge: Save Over £650 in a Year (with FREE Printables)

If you want to start saving some money but your budget can’t stretch to the 52 week saving challenge how about trying these saving versions instead?

Penny resin floor - Page 1 - Homes, Gardens and DIY - PistonHeads

Penny floor - concrete base painted black, took skirting boards off, pva glued…