Ok so ppl are making a whole bunch of fake penny boards so if you wanna know if its real it should have this and on the front to in the middle it should say penny Australia in a circle

Penny boards pink pastel deck, Turquoises wheels, and yellow truck I have been wanting a penny board forever and I finally picked this to be what color I want it to be. I almost had the money for it but then I got a diamond hoodie instead.

Pastel Yellow board! I need to switch the colors of the trucks and the deck.

Penny The Original Banana Plastic Skateboard Skateboards Boards Cruiser Cruisers The One and Penny Pastels Pastel Lilac Lemon Mint Internati.

Penny Pastel complete 22" - Lemon

I am in love with Penny Boards! So cute and would be loads of fun with friends! My favourites are the pastel colours, This lemon colour with lilac wheels caught my eye!

Pastel Lilac 27"

Refresh this season with the Pastel lilac Penny Nickel board, featuring the soft, colour of the lilac flower, combined with cool mint wheels and citrus lemon trucks.

This link should be the nickel board I customized, HAS TO BE NICKEL BOARd NOT PENNY, no grip tape :)

Choose your favourite Limited Edition Skateboard from Penny Australia.

Penny Board

Penny board pink yellow blue green converse awesome skateboard longboard skate fun summer ☮k☮

I wanna a penny board after watching all the o2l boys and jacksgap. Haha. Gotta get one and learn how to

I wanna a penny board after watching all the boys and jacksgap.

Penny Original Polka Dot Red & White 22 Cruiser Complete Skateboard

The red and white polka dot Penny complete is small enough to take everywhere and built to skate just about anything. This Penny mini cruiser features a tough plastic injection molded Penny skate deck, Penny trucks in white for a tight turns, and P