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If you're going to be feminine and use flowers to represent you or your work, then its best to know what the flowers represent. Who you are and how you chose to present yourself, is important.

Meaningful flowers for your bouquet

Different types of flowers have different meanings. Think about the flowers you want in your bouquet. Why not choose flowers that have a symbolic meaning to complete your special day? Use Kate Midd…

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Wild At Heart - Wild Meadow Bouquet - A vibrant and sumptuous mix of peonies, yellow roses, daisies, camomile, sweet peas and delphiniums. (Love the colors but way too much going on for a wedding bouquet!

Blue peonies , nature's way of smiling

Peach Blackberry Tart

purple peonies, I never knew that my favorite flower came in the color purple! The color purple represents Fibromyalgia , and I live with that on a daily basis!

Have you ever wondered what a go-getter girl does every single day? How do they tackle their tasks head on with so much enthusiasm?

4 Positive Things Every Go-Getter Girl Does!

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Red and purple palette: Paeonia 'Buckeye Belle', Salvia nemorosa, Foneiclum vulare 'Giant Bronze, Astrantia major 'Claret'

it's funny (actually sad) when you e been doing everything right the whole time and suddenly you make one mistake and BAM!! you're gone. you're the biggest mistake and disappointment and you're the worst human being of all times.

wouldn't mind a gift box full of peonies are my fave

Dahlia 'Eveline' - Ideal for adding colour to the late summer border, this tall dahlia produces beautiful creamy white flowers, which have a hint of pink at their petal tips. This pink flush is quite noticeable when all the petals are still opening as it forms a distinctive 'eye' at the centre of each bloom. A wonderful addition to the mixed or herbaceous border, the flowers are also excellent for cut arrangements.

A really eye-catching variety, Dahlia 'Eveline' features magnificent creamy-white flowers kissed with soft lilac at their center and toward the tips of the petals. This elegant decorative Dahlia is a remarkable addition to the garden and is perfect fo

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A garden of premium springtime classics is all dressed up in shades of blush-pale pink peonies, delicate pink french tulips, and green viburnum.