Air France Concorde (F-BTSD) in Pepsi livery, photographed at Dublin by Carl Ford, April 1996

“ The unique Pepsi Concorde. In Pepsi struck a deal with Air France to promote their re-branding and new corporate logo, so an Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde, tail number F-BTSD.

3 people stole the secret recipe of Coke - WTF fun facts

3 people stole the secret recipe of Coke - WTF fun facts, nice of Pepsi

Coke bottle with Pepsi name label ~ Funny You Had One Job Fails

What's your name actie van Coca Cola. Aartsrivaal Pepsi haakt in .

XD That awkward moment when your supposedly dead brother visits your job...  Gabriel and Cas.

Richard Speight Jr's Pepsi Max guy and Cas at his job XD this is perfect! I am currently writing a fanfic on how Gabriel comes back, totally using this idea :)