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The Pepsi logo contains circle with the top half is red, the bottom half is blue, and a wavy white line runs through the center. The colours have always represented the American Flag, therefore its marketed as 'Americas Drink'

Pepsi - logo evolution, history... and a funny commercial:

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Pepsi's Logo Morphing over Time - Note shift from bottle top focus to better, bigger, broader branding


Top 10 Most Expensive Logo Designs & Rebrands Ever

Evolution of the Pepsi logo... The last iteration in 2001 was the best IMHO

Pepsi Rebrand – Brett

Evolution of the Pepsi logo. The last iteration in 2001 was the best IMHO

#Infographic #Infografia Logo evolution of Coke and Pepsi...

COKE VS. PEPSI: The Amazing Story Behind The Cola Wars

Logo evolution of Coke and Pepsi designer Frank Mason Robinson by kirsten

The pepsi logo is another example of a semiotic symbol. The red, white and blue color represents the colors of this company.

The Pepsi Logo. This logo also uses contrasting colors as well as negative space to give the illusion of a full circle. The shapes align perfectly to for a circle and are identical.

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