A Very Beautiful Percheron Horse - he's ginormous!!

A Very Beautiful Percheron Horse

Percheron black stallion, 19 hands high and nick-named "Moose." He holds the title Percheron Supreme World Champion.

One day I WILL get a dappled grey

Dappled gray Percheron (a draft horse that originated in western France, usually gray or black.

Even Tougher Than The Friesians, The Percheron War Horses Could Accommodate The Heavier Armour of The Later Medieval Period.

Percheron stallion Ughy De Luynes --you can see why these were used as war horses. Even tougher than the Friesians, the Percheron war horses could accommodate the heavier armour of the later Medieval period.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Horses - 9GAG<< Love these breeds! I have an Arabian

Breathtakingly Beautiful Horses

the tinker horse and the gypsy horse are the same breeds people just call them by different names.


American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Gypsy Vanner Indian pony It doesn't matter what you call this horse. All you need to know is it is a Horse and it is Beautiful!

If I was a warrior from middle earth,this is how my horse would look like.

Bentley, percheron stallion, winning the Best of Breed at the 2016 Pa Farm Show. Ow by Windermere Farms Photo by: Ken Siems of PSD Photography