Percy Jackson Inspired Wise Girl and Seaweed by DauntlessTrader

Percy Jackson Inspired "Wise Girl" and "Seaweed Brain" Heart Necklace

Percy Jackson Inspired Wise Girl and Seaweed by DauntlessTrader if my boyfriend gave me this i would kiss him

Some random ships: Jasper, Frazel, Thaluke, Groniper(?), Percabeth, Charlena, Caleo and Chrisse.

Which are your ships?<< PERCABETH, Frazel, Caleo, and Claris(I don't know Chris and Clarisse's ship name)

Ha ha hilarious Percy Jackson and little mermaid crossover

Saw a drawing by which you can see here [link] and was inspired to do my own crossover of PJatO and The Little Mermaid. So I imagine Annabeth being a tr. PJatO and The Little Mermaid crossover

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cutest drawing of percy and annabeth when piper walked into Chiron's office. this is in The Lost Hero

It's just so sad because Annabeth can't do anything no matter how much pain he is in. Ugh! I'm over thinking this but it almost makes the couple cuter

Annabeth watching Percy hold the sky. This is adorable but Ive only just started reading Titans Curse and I have so many spoilers like BIANCA DIES why

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Love this. It's so cute. I also love the fact that Jason has glasses meaning even a hero isn't perfect, and I love the fact that Will is wearing rainbow flowers for obvious reasons