The cabins at Camp Halfblood, not actually how it's set up though. There's a whole other area for the new cabins, if I recall correctly.

Which cabin at camp half blood do you belong in?

Found this Camp half blood cabin layout map. Except it doesnt fit the book. The girls were the even numbers to the left from Hera's cabin. Iris is then on the wrong side and so is Nike

Cabin 13!! Hahah yes. Where we have the best McDonalds parties and hang with the dead!!!<<<<Cabin 13, I'm less excited about it because there is basically no one to nerd out with

Who Is Your Minor Greek Godly Parent?

This is the Cabin numbers and the greek gods symbols. With Percy Jackson's camp (Camp-halfblood) all the cabins have names and symbols.

Are you brave and amazing Percy, or smart and courages Annabeth? Take this quiz and find out.

What Percy Jackson Character Are You Really?

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Hermione and Annabeth. Annabeth does remind me a great deal of Hermione. Is it just me, or do you think (in the Kane Chronicles) that the Harry Potter Books could be explained as magicians in the nome in England.

I'm a Hermes kid and I would dress like either the hades or ares kid and I am personally insulted that the Hermes kid gets a Victoria's Secret shirt.

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" by balhanatesoglu I am a daughter of Poseidon but here I usually wear the Hades / Hephaestus otufits

Your Percy Jackson life - Quiz

Your Percy Jackson life

Your Percy Jackson life - Quiz

Daughter of Poseidon | What is your Percy Jackson Life? - Quiz

What is your Percy Jackson Life?

A quiz about Percy Jackson. Find out your godly parent, your boy friend, friends, talents and story!

Demigod Quiz!

Percy Jackson Humor and by the way i hate percy jackson movies! The books are amazing!<< i know right irts like 7 Minuets gee i wonder who? AND IN THE MOVIE THEY LEFT OUT THE WHOLE"whos my father?" there just like oh btw ur dads posiden

I threw a party with Percy for no reason. (Fair enough)  Weapon: Sword ), Fatal flaw: Loyalty, Godly Parent: A minor God.

I went to dinner with hades because it was in a prophesy. Godly parent: Demeter<<< I smacked Will Solace because I'm crazy )NICO IS GOING TO KILL ME( Weapon: Spear, Fatal flaw: Guilt, Godly Parent: Hades