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not arguing, I hate fighting. But I've found my someone

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

half perfect boyfriend list, not me but might be others.

i've found this guy. my boyfriend is the most wonderful guy in the world. i love him more than anything. he loves me for who i am, and i love him for who he is. i would never want to change a single thing about him.

The perfect guy loves God.

The first and last are the most important things in a guy! These are the guys you women need to look for! These are the guys worth dating.and more importantly worth marrying! Maybe not the god part for me personal but I can't wait to meet this guy

I know he loves me the way he should... And that he would do anything in his power to protect me. And I see through his eyes that he loves me. And he is never going to let go.

I want a guy who is okay with me crying because I cry a lot. I want him to pull me closer when I cry and make sure that I get a warm shower and hot tea afterwards.

I fell in love with my best friend the one detail that sucks is he does all these things with another girl

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

That I was telling BUT I fell for a boy who doesn't do all this stuff. I fell for a boy who makes me forget that I hate him with one hug! I fell for a boy who is not perfect but I love him because he is true to me ♥