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26 DIY Valentine Gifts for Him

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The Musical Symbols of Language - "I admit it. I love punctuation. I use single quotes inside double quotes, unless I’m editing British English. I put periods inside parentheses when they contain an entire sentence. I know that en dashes set off ranges of numbers (like 5–6), em dashes set off explanatory statements—like this one—and hyphens are used for so much else that I tacked the Chicago Manual of Style’s hyphenation guide to the corkboard on my desk..."

The Musical Symbols of Language

example, if you choose numerals because one of the numbers  is greater than nine,  use numerals for all numbers in that category. If you choose

Grammar quizzes, punctuation quizzes, and capitalization quizzes provided by The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.


Periods and Parentheses

When do periods go inside parentheses and when do periods go outside parenthesis?

Technically, "people" and "persons" have different meanings. Find out which one you should use. (Examples)

People or Persons?

Grammar Girl explains that whether you use "backward" or "backwards" depends on where you live.

Bronze lanterns by Bevolo flank the front steps.

HOUSE TOUR: Inside One Of San Francisco's Finest Houses

Leave it to designer Ken Fulk to transform the faded landmark without losing any of its period drama.

Very sweet. I like the white Aga. It was always my Mum's dream to have an Aga and she eventually got to have a black Aga when my parents had their house built in The Aga was nicknamed Bertha and Mum continued to mKe fantastic food from it. Miss you Mum 💝

deep window wells - no need for curtains! Great window

Dutch Colonial Stone House and Local Antiques

cozy cottage with deep window wells so little cats can sleep in any window they…

A wag of the finger to this sleazy spin-off of the Free Hugs shirt. And an additional demerit for placing a period inside the parentheses. The description on the website is poorly written, too, incidentally. The designer boasts, "I am picky about who I give my free hugs too." Well, sir, I suggest you take what you can get. le barf.

Yeah, I'll give free hugs! So I am sorry everyone else, but as this sassy free hugs shirt says, I am picky about who I give me free hugs too.

Inside one drawer, a power strip provides a spot to charge phones and other electronic devices for grab-and-go convenience. Large drawers hold outdoor gear, and a cubby for sorting mail or dropping off books is created by removing a drawer and mounting metal shelf brackets to the bottom of the cabinet.

Fresh Ideas for Foyers and Entries

Inside Mount Brackets for 3/4" rod, pair

Inside Mount Brackets for 3/4" rod, pair

Craftsman cabin by the lake with Stickley Mission library table.

Stickley Find of The Day: Westcott Street Library Table Based on a Gustav Stickley design from this library table boasts classic Mission details like corbelled arches, pinned through tenons and butterfly plate hardware.