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When pets walk into Bigger Road Veterinary Center they see blue skies, large oak trees and small cottages.

OUR FACILITY - Fort Worth Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital

DVSC announces a new advanced facility for Fort Worth pet surgery, the city's comprehensive emergency hospital with board-certified surgeons.

Hospital Dramatic Play - Play to Preschool

Hospital & medical tools - dramatic play center this would be awesome especially for younger kids to express pretend play which is extremely important and as a coping tool for being hospitalized.

exam rooms with couches instead of tables. Neat!!

Building a transparent veterinary practice—with glass, open spaces and values - Hospital Design

FREE Pretend Play Printables for Animals and Pet Adoption

FREE Pretend Play Printables for Animals and Pet Adoption

{ Pretend Play Printables: Animal Hospital & Pet Adoption } We did a Puppy Birthday Party where the kids "adopted" a stuffed animal, got food, toys, a carrier and went to the pet hospital.

Having the odd shaped areas might be a cool effect. Used in the mature reader area could highlight items better

Pet Hospital by Ark Studio

People love pets more than children in our society and new innovative companies are constantly popping up to monetize on this. The Portuguese multidisciplinary group Ark Studio tried to figure out

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Work and School: When i'm older I want to volunteer, work, or have an apprenticeship at no kill rescue shelter.

Veterinary floor plan: Pet Paradise Animal Hospital

Veterinary floor plan: Pet Paradise Animal Hospital - if I ever get to build an animal hospital

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In a Children's hospital, therapeutic dogs are impatiently waiting to see their respective children

Petaholic Hotel / sms design #pets

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Pet Hospital by Ark Studio