Peter Krause - the classic man is often typecast in more traditional roles. Maybe white collar worker, chivalrous gentleman, or something along those lines. He will often be found in period roles or in films like Murdoch Mysteries for example.
The Catch star Peter Krause on his picturesque hometown
Peter Krause - Six Feet Under. Only the best tv show ever
Loved him in Six Feet Under!
Peter Krause, American Actor. I fell for his quick banter with Felicity Huffman in "Sports Nights." His new show "The Catch" is sexy, smart, and oh so witty.  #cheerstoShondalandsnagged
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause
Peter Krause ♥ Fell in love with him watching Six Feet Under. Now Parenthood. Totally agree.
Lauren Graham Jokes She and Boyfriend Peter Krause Are Already Married - Us Weekly
Peter Krause | Peter Krause Bio, Fact - ethnicity, affair, child, net worth
The ending of Six Feet Under is remembered as one of TV’s most gut-wrenching finales—even by the standards of this masochistic medium, which can take even a simple show about wisecracking dinosaurs and end it with global apocalypse. For those who haven’t seen that final episode, allow me to mildly spoil it: Everyone who lives, dies. It’s an inevitability the HBO series grappled with across five seasons and approximately 500 Peter Krause monologues, but most movingly illustrated with the…
Eric Bigger, Peter Krause
Hottie two-fer...Josh Charles (right) of "The Good Wife" and Peter Krause, of "Six Feet Under" and "Parenthood".  This photo is from "SportsNight".