Pharmacy graduation cake

Pharmacy graduation cake

Cupcakes for a pharmacist!

Cupcakes For A Pharmacist All Fondant Toppers Cupcakes for a pharmacist! All fondant toppers.

Pharmacy mortar pestle bowl for a pharmacy graduate

Pharmacy mortar pestle bowl cake for when I graduate pharmacy school!

Are you feeling blue about another summer coming to an end? I am. I really enjoy all that summer has to offer! I'm totally in need of some Happy Pills to cheer me up - and these giant happy pills are just what the doctor ordered. I just dipped Twi...

Happy Pills – Dipped Twinkies

Pint Sized Baker: Happy Pills - Dipped Twinkies good idea to try as cookies

Pharmacist Graduation Cake. someone should do something like this for me next year. ;)

Pharmacist Graduation Cake Mom and Dad should have bought something like this for me.