Top 50 Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

Top 50 Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

Progress is impossible without change and this who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.  George Bernard Shaw

Fixed mindset verses growth mindset. George Bernard Shaw Note: change for the good is the only way to progress. We all need a change of mind and heart to sweep clean mistaken beliefs and misgivings.

the greatest thing i ever did is to believe in myself

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From Albert Einstein Inventor, philosopher, idealist and discoverer; Einstein inspired so many with his motivational quotes. Here are some of his famous quotes:

Yes, so TRUE. I do not believe God demands anyone to live in dysfunction or abuse.

Iss My Better my friend share opera classical with me.i give him Vitas & Sarah Brightman.he give & i give He Always Iss Amazing.

Care about what others think and you are their prisoner.

I’m glad I have never given two shits about what other people think about me. I see people who slave themselves out to be accepted by people that don’t give a damn about them. I will never be held captive by insignificant people Probably the funniest site on the net...

These are simple choices that will improve your quality of life. Do not complicate by overthinking.

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