Day 9- Got my complete blood test done today ;) and yes this exactly happened. They took so much blood from my body. It's almost murder ;) :D and it was three test tubes !!!

28 Horrendous Struggles Everyone Who Ran Cross Country Will Remember

I dont understand people who hate green day? I mean their good people, they actually love their fans endlessly, and they have every meaningful music. Well all i can say all the haters have a very sad life too bad for them

That Glorious Moment You Get A Flash On A Hard Stick

The real joy comes when you advance the catheter all the way, the iv flushes well, and gives a great blood return! The flash itself doesn't mean the iv is good.

That Would Be Great

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I'm going through a really bad run right now. It's ridiculous. :Z BTW why the fuck is this photo doing on in an article about wedding cakes...?

27 Ideas For Adorable And Unexpected Wedding Cakes

when the whip comes on during the middle of a golf tournament - Fuck This Shit (Bill Murray)