Chandelier Filled with Country Roses..gorgeous...

Garden Wedding Decoration - Midsummer Nights Dream-Inspired Setting (

Phlox flower

Phlox flower essence covers the earth with sweet adorning flowers that cling to the mossy ground like a welcoming carpet to the birds and the bees.

origami phlox flower

page Instructions to learn how to make an origami phlox flower with five petals.

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phlox flower - maybe in a ruby in october

Pictures of Phlox flowers (annual phlox,Phlox drummondii).Beautiful images and photos of phlox flowers.

Got to love Phlox.  They smell great too.

Got to love Phlox. They smell great too.

Bouquet of hydrangaes

Hydrangea macrophylla - Hydrangea blooms can often turn a soft, lime green towards the end of the growing season. If you wish to retain their original colour increase the alkalinity of the soil - somewhere just under neutral, about a

hydrangeas pictures - Google Search  would work well with Phlox Sherbet Cocktail

My all time favourite-Hydrangeas- Turn your pink Hydrangeas Blue by adding acidity to the soil!