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Maquillage Halloween: 99 inspirations pour le visage

The sharper shapes of this makeup could show a very angry and upfront personality, the colours also show conflict

Orange & Yellow Eyeshadows // The Glow Lab

I find this color particularly challenging, especially since I think orange doesn't make brown eyes pop the way they do blue. But one day orange, I will master you!

With a B.A in Fashion Design and her certification in makeup art, Ida combines…

Have you been loving work? Soon we will be wrapping up our feature of Ida, to make way for another exciting new artist that we know you will just love. Before we do, we just have to share this creative eye look by Ida. Just amazing 😻

Red-gold lips. Beautiful she devil or fire fairy lips. love this ombre color combo

Colorful lips have been the most misunderstood style in the fashion circle. The smoky eyes with nude lips or dark eyes with nude lips and even the ‘no makeup’

// the artist here is incredibly talented. This is difficult, and the shading is done to an extremely high standard XX

Not sure why dragon makeup leads a flannel shirt article, but WOW the makeup!

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Color The use of color is very lively. The warm yellow, orange, and red colors display a great effect to the eye. The eye color gives a pop to the eye shadow. This allows the eye to be bold.