And smiles and laughter.

It all hit me tonight, sometimes I just don't feel worth it or appreciated, sometimes from the most unexpected people. But it's those favourite things that keep me going

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If I had a dollar for every time someone made a wrong assumption about me, I would be rich. The best part is the look on their face when I prove them wrong

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

when someone I don't care for talks to me about anything! The whole conversation is defaulted to ZERO interest. Proceed with preprogrammed laughs & replies while simultaneously retreating to inside your head.

And I have terrible test anxiety

"My life feels like a test I didn't study for." Stress/life/live/crazy/wild/ride/times/anxious/nervous/school/insight/college/senior/homework/assignment/difficult/rough/hard/rocky {And I have terrible test anxiety}