Super moon / harvest moon over water 11.13.16

July is the month of the Full Buck Moon. At this time, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. This Full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.

Monte Fitz Roy (Cerro Chaltén) - Patagonia - #Argentina

Fritz Roy Light by Bsam on Mount Fritz Roy also has a name known to the local people, Cerro Chalten - Cerro is a Spanish word meaning hill, while Chaltén comes from a Tehuelche (Aonikenk) word meaning "Smoking Mountain", due to the cloud that us

Cat Owners - How To Nap With Your Cats - Infographic

Cat Owners - How To Nap With Your Cats - Infographic

An infographic guide for all cat owners who want their cat to sleep on their bed, but also want to get a good night& sleep.

This completely sums up Fuerteventura in a photo, the old style windmill beneath some of the most spectacular stars in the world.

Orion above a windmill on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. I look for it every clear night in Texas.

We prefer nights spent directly under the starry skies.

visualechoess: “ Nepal night star by: Alexander Forik ” I like the contrast of the glowing tents against the beautiful dark sky.