Fashion Photos with Lighthearted Doodles by Dr. Propolus

Dr. Propolus Treats Serious Fashion Photos with Lighthearted Doodles

Photo Illustration #5 I like how the girl was given a skirt and an umbrella. I am not sure where we would use this.

Photo Illustration I really like this photo because it takes a regular simple photo and adds simple illustration to it while adding a story to it.

Illustration over photography

i like the Illustration over photography. The addition of the slimy, dripping gooey-ness makes the image really come to life

"Japonism" Harper`s Bazaar Art Indonesia Illustration on Behance

bersama-sarkodit: “ Harper& Bazaar Art Indonesia Magazine JAPONISM Fashion Spread first issue & May 2015 Photography : Rakhmat Hidayat Fashion Editor : Veronica Arviana Illustration : Aditya.

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Zdolniaszka by Julia Borzucka

BryJin is a creative collaboration between is a fashion photographer and an illustrator, so fun

BryJin // Creative Collaboration Between Photographer & Illustrator

One part photo, one part illustration, and you have BryJin! Bryant Eslava and Hajin Bae are a collaborative duo that mix their mediums to make rad visual art. Fashion Photography x Illustration by BryJin

graphic water! flowing on real hand (via 2469612032893)

I like how drawing and photography was used at the same time. Although this was tried a lot of times, the fact that both types (photography and pencil drawing) can be used helps widen the possibilities for a design.

A photo-illustration collaboration with Aaron Pederson from 3TENphoto.

A photo-illustration collaboration with Aaron Pederson from