Photoshop Blend Modes – You’re not  using them enough -

Chances are, you think that Photoshop blend modes are for blending images to create double exposure effects or to add a texture to your photos. After all, that is what the name seems to imply…

Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi is Belgian illustrator and artist living in Brussels creating collages and artworks based on collage techniques

Here's a tutorial from Chris at Blog.Spoongraphics on how to create this awesome 3D displaced text effect!

How To Create a Text Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Website with great photoshop tutorials for beginners

Beginners to Photoshop: Photo Editing is Easier Than You Think! Great Photoshop tutorials on this website, as well as Photoshop actions.

Funny tumblr post

Lmao I'm waiting to see if that's gonna be me in September when I'm starting my GCSE's. If ur British, u know the struggle. And this year in my school, we have 3 years insteada And year 9 is supposed to be the bestest year! Fuck the law change

How to Shoot in Manual Mode. Broken down step by step! Now THIS makes sense! Love this cheat sheet!

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Download your free cheat sheet to help you get off AUTO and start getting more creative photos with your Digital Camera. IT shows you how you can control Depth of Field. It shows the best Aperture for Portraits and the best Aperture for Landscape photos. It also looks at another key factor in controlling Depth of Field: Focusing Distance. by bertha

Getting started with your DSLR: How to get out of auto mode and start taking better photos!

Free macro photography cheat sheet - part 4

I recall having a cheat sheet in my film photography class in high school. This is literally the ULTIMATE cheat sheet. Definitely worth a look-over, at the VERY least!