Socialised medicine may affect nursing jobs in US.

Many interested and new nursing candidates often ask how much does a certified nursing assistant make and there is no short and quick answer to that. How much a CNA gets to take home depends on.

physician assistant job description

The physician assistant job description allows the PA to perform physical exams, diagnose and also treat illnesses, order tests from a laboratory and interpret those tests, perform various medical procedures

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physicians assistant is a member of a medical team that delivers healthcare to patients. They work under the supervision of an MD

Physician Assistant Job Description: Physician assistants (PA's) practice medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. PA's are formally trained to provide medical health care services

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Job Description and Salary for a Pediatric Physician Assistant

Healthcare news and career advice for physicians, PAs, nurse practitioners, nurses and allied health.

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For all the hard working medical transcriptionists out there, here is a medical transcription cartoon that can be used for newsletters, presentations, etc. Medical record cartoons and dictation or …

Sample Physician Assistant Resume

Sample Physician Assistant Resume