Screw/fold-up an image into an interesting 3D form and then draw/paint the new image to create an interesting composition

Rupert Shrive Distorted portraiture Screw up prints - pay careful attention to the new portrait this technique creates

Jenny Saville/ Atonement Studies/ Central Panel (Rosetta), 2005-06

Jenny Saville's work - in pictures

Jenny Saville, Atonement Studies: Central Panel (Rosetta), (c) 2012 Jenny Saville (courtesy Gagosian Gallery) - looks like a show worth visiting

Tommy Ingberg website

I like how this picture shows that even the smartest looking people can still be dense and be like talking to a brick wall. I see this graphic as not judging a book by its cover.

Infographic: How to write better science papers | Elsevier Connect

The 7 Best Content Writing Tips for Beginning Freelancers

Some very unique layering techniques with photos. Not sure if I have seen anything like this before.

Hand Cut Geometrical Portraits collage made by through ten layers of photographs by Lucas Simões, Brazilian. Collage through ten layers of photographs.

The world's gonna happen anyway. : Photo

The world's gonna happen anyway. : Photo

After MacBeth has killed King Duncan, he looks at the blood on his hand and wonders if he will ever be free of the stains of guilt. (Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood/Clean from my hand? II ii 61). Blood becomes a repeated image, also symbolizing the guilt of killing and betraying.

This is the bloody, guilty hands of Macbeth after killing Banquo. Lady Macbeth tells him to wash his bloody hands with the evidence. It describes his blood hands perfectly.

Flock of Birds | Mark Powell

all flames burn and return’ bic biro drawing on a antique dictionary

This item is a DIGITAL PATTERN, not the physical pattern or item for sale. Pattern is written in English, in standard US terms. Please note: All sales on PDF patterns are final. No refunds. Advantages of PDF Patterns: 1) No waiting for the postal service to deliver. 2) Ability to store them is much easier, takes lots less space. 3) PDFs are more efficient vs. paper documents. 4) PDFs are harder to destroy vs. paper documents. 5) PDFs will simply last much longer vs. paper documents. 6)…

Crochet Navajo Afghan Pattern #KC0014, Intermediate Skill Level, Crochet PDF Pattern

Lips. HeatherBuchanan on Etsy.

ON HOLD for Erika - Lips 4 - Original Painting

So my guy best friend practically asked this chic for prom and idk why I feel weird about it like I mean we kinda promised we'd be single forever and now he's probably gonna be dating her and I feel like I'm gonna lose a friend

Paper Sculptures by Justine Khamara #Paper, #Photography, #Sculpture

Paper Sculptures by Justine Khamara

Talented Australian artist Justine Khamara made those amazing sculptures by distorting and giving a whole new life with old cutted and assembled photos.