Physiological facts

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I can vouch for that. There have been days I miss my little sister so much and everyone just annoys me like crazy. thepsychmind: Fun Psychology facts here!

I remember a time when we could so this without even trying!

Or more likely just in tune with the other person, picking up on subtle clues that they have learnt to understand. Non verbal clues can be extremely revealing.

Probably why my dreams sometimes correlate to the tv show or movie that's on if I fall asleep with the tv on...

A sleeping human brain can still understand the words being spoken around it.

I totally get this.  I think negative all the time so if something that could happen, did happen then I will be prepared for it, although I wouldn't be prepared for it, cos when it happens you don't know how your going to handle it.  I always book Friday the 13th & Halloween off work.

So true why anxiety is so debilitating. It's an altered perception on the brain. The worst scenario is what a person with severe anxiety seems to always think of first and believe to be true, no matter what the actual reality is.