Diagram of scales on the piano.Great for students to use when working with intervals, scales, chords etc

How Learning Piano Can Be Fun For Kids Diagram of scales on the piano.Great for students to use when working with intervals, scales, chords etc

What do you say when a student asks why they have to practice scales?

Why learn scales? 6 Scale Rebuttals to Have on Hand

Really great piano fingerings for every major, minor, and melodic minor scale. (Well I think it's every. I haven't looked through every single one!) :)

Free Printable Piano Scale Fingerings Diagram - Major Keys, Minor Keys, and Finger Placement

Piano music scales - major & minor piano scales                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Learn how to form piano music scales here. Major and minor piano scales in all 12 keys.

Free Printable Piano Scales for Young Pianists - https://bluebirdmusiclessons.wordpress.com/2016/12/11/free-printable-piano-scales-for-young-pianists/

Free Printable Piano Scales for Young Pianists

Are your kids interested in learning to play the guitar? Lead sheets are a great way to start. All you need to know it what the song sounds like, how to finger a couple of chords, and a strumming p…

Below are the Group I Major Scales. C G D A and E. The numbering system is based on your thumb being 1 and your pinky being 5. Octaves were chosen for readability, these can be done anywhere on the keyboard.

Proper fingering for piano scales in Major and Minor Keys. FREE Printable PDF's for the 24 scales in major keys and minor keys with the fingerings for each scale.

Computer based maths module in Elementary Music Education Kids of new generation should have different methods of training . They are capable to perceive information faster, with cross-modal processing,activating all senses at once : visual perception, audio analyzers , neuromotor functions. http://www.linkedin.com/pulse/computer-based-maths-module-elementary-music-education-sergey http://educationinjapan.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/considering-the-benefits-of-digital-music-grammar-in-a-music…

Making Scales Stick - 7 Different Ways to Practice Scales

My response, developing ideas for students to learn their scales properly can be challenging. This pin creates strategies to help instructors teach their students scales in unique styles.

"I've Got the Blues" handouts for elementary group piano class. Includes the blues scale for each key, sample rhythm options for blues improvisation, and information on free blues tracks apps.

"I've Got the Blues"