You had me at v*gina

20 Corny Pick Up Lines If Women Used Them. #12 Is Gold.

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I'm ready to see you burn alive in pain. We can't come together. You love being abusive, do you. My game is called Go Away, Go Away, Go Away. I like playing Pokémon, garbodor. You better get the pluck away from me.

if the first doesn't work, maybe one of the others…

I'm expecting 6 miles away, actually. I go commando, I command for you to go away. Man, this vitamin is really unhealthy.

If women used raunchy pickup lines! Love these they are so funny

If women used raunchy pickup lines

If women used raunchy pickup lines. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the greatest thing ever. I'm totally using these on my husband at random times