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Wilson's Bird-of-paradise, Cicinnurus respublica. Amazing color and spectacular tail

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

#FridayReads: What the Black Balloon Publishing Team is Reading This Week

This Side of Paradise is the debut novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald, bestselling author of The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night. Published in 1920 this novel is set in post World War I America and… read more at Kobo.

Dining over the Bay of Mazzarò at Villa Sant' Andrea, Sicily, Italy.

Live a Sicilian dream at Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, one of the most enchanting luxury hotels Taormina has to offer.

Bird Of Paradise Plant Stock Photos, Pictures, Royalty Free Bird Of Paradise Plant Images And Stock Photography

Bird Of Paradise Plant Stock Photos, Pictures, Royalty Free Bird Of Paradise Plant Images And Stock Photography Más

Red Macaw

5 Tips for Building Muscle!

The "Scarlet Macaw" is a large, red, yellow and blue South American parrot, a member of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. It is native to humid evergreen forests of tropical South America. I want a Macaw so badly!

W. Eugene Smith was no doubt one of the greatest war correspondents of the last century. As the photographer for Life, he followed the island-hopping American offensive against Japan, from Saipan t...

A Walk To The Paradise Garden

''The Walk to Paradise Garden'' - The children of photographer W. Eugene Smith walk hand-in-hand in the woods behind his home, 1946

Bird of paradise    Bird of paradise at Everland zoo, South Korea

Raggiana Bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea raggiana) is so beautiful, with its fluffy feathers. Birds of paradise have evolved by sexual selection which is why the males are so beautiful.

Goldie’s Bird-of-Paradise

Videos: Rare Glimpses of Amazing Birds-of-Paradise Courtship Rituals

The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 of the most exquisitely specialized animals on earth.

I've always thought these were the most beautiful birds since I first saw them in pictures - bird of paradise

Ten perfect birdwatching trips

The Lesser Bird-of-paradise, Paradisaea minor, is a bird-of-paradise in the genus Paradisaea. The Lesser Bird-of-paradise is distributed throughout forests of northern New Guinea, and the nearby islands of Misool and Yapen

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Who hasn’t fantasized about jetting off to some island paradise? I’ve thought about it ever since I saw Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach. (Though I would avoid that island in particular. or, I’d just try and overthrow Tilda Swinton as the crazy beach…