ABCD of skin cancer. Not sure about a spot? call 321.727.3223 to schedule an appointment

Make sure to have a dermatologist look at your moles if you have any that look like those on the right. Do you know the ABCDE's of Melanoma?

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The 3 Scariest Skincare Chemical Ingredients to Avoid on Your Face . Parabens cause cancer or mimic hormones. Phthalates have been known to cause reproductive and development toxicity. Fragrances are made up of dozens of hidden chemicals

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Did you know that there are 3 types of skin cancer? Check out the difference between them in this infographic.

This pin shows the three types of skin cancers; the basel cell, squamous cell and the melanoma. It tell us how common is the form of skin cancer, where it is discovered, how fatal it is and who is at risk to this type of skin cancer.

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this picture makes you realise that if yuo dont put on sun block and dont show fear to the sun, it could harm you for the rest of your life.

Treating Cancer with Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but unfortunately, many patients also have unwanted side effects, such as hair loss, dry skin an

Signs of Skin Cancer / Skin Cancer Symptoms — High Valley Dermatology Infographic:

Went to the Dr and NO skin cancer but have been scared enough now to never ever tan again whether in the sun or in a bed. The Dermatologist said tanning is not good either way. Tanning lotions are bad, they don't prevent from skin cancer.

1 cucumber A bunch of parsley 1tsp. grated ginger ½ lemon 1/3 cup water The instructions are really simple. You just combine all the ingredients in a juicer and process it well. Now you have to drink this on a regular basis before going to bed. Your tummy fat will disappear.

Benefits of cucumbers fight kidney stones etc.

This picture tells us about the different types of skin cancer and what to look out for them, like colour, shape etc. It's also very easy to get skin cancer in the USA so make sure to always be aware of how long you're in the sun for and wear very protective clothing and high SPF sunscreen.

Skin Cancer infographic, ABCs of skin cancer detection, skin cancer rates by state, skin cancer facts and statistics

Types of skin cancer. #skincancerawareness

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