Pie eating contest at the Davis County Fair.

Pie eating contest at the Davis County Fair. It can be fun, it can be called child abuse as well;


Stand and salute the inspiration in this Red White & Blue Outdoor Summer of July Celebration featured here at Kara's Party Ideas.

great fun activity!  -or- water melon eating contest!

Today is our Fall Festival! Join us for hay rides, Pumpkin Palooza with Whole Foods NorCA, & more!

several retro games-  Three Legged Race,  Watermelon or Pie Eating Contest,  Water Balloon Toss,  Hula Hoop Contest, Wheel barrow race,  Horse Shoes, Bean Bag Toss

Old Fashioned of July Three Legged Race Watermelon or Pie Eating Contest Water Balloon Toss Taffy Pulling Hula Hoop Contest Wheel barrow race Horse Shoes Bean Bag Toss

host a watermelon eating challenge! The best part is that the clean up can be composted AND just hosed down!

this would be a lot of fun as long as people don't mind getting sloppy [ "Watermelon eating contest-perfect for Summer Block Party!", "host a watermelon e

happy pig

I just pigged out on your blueberry pie. I'm so happy, see that silly smile on my face.

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