I just can't handle this pig. I would have it framed in my house, he makes me smile.

I just can't handle this pig, honestly I might cry. He reminds me of my pig Seymour, I miss my piggy boy

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Hooray, I'm a Pigasus! I believe dreams do come true Just something cute and colorful for you to get through this cold winter's day I'm a Pigasus!

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How to draw a pig step 1: use a simple round brush to sketch out the general shape of the pig. I would focus on the round body, pointy ears, and cylindrical snout. Even though there are very little depictions in the way of muscles, the flow points connecting every part of the pig should be considered as you want to imagine the muscles underneath the fat.

How to Draw a Pig: an Easy to Follow Guide for Making a Simple Pig Drawing!

How to draw a pig step use a simple round brush to sketch out the general…

charlottes web sketches | Pig by ~lonelyangelsansa on deviantART

charlottes web sketches of Wilbur! What is there not to like about this sketch about the movie? Every-one is sure to be touched by the love of this innocent pig.