Colom domèstic - Paloma cimarrona - Columba livia domestica - Domestic Pigeon

A curious pigeon, I know they are pests but I love the colour of their neck feathers

The Incredible Pigeon #Infographic #Birds #Pigeon

The Incredible Pigeon #Infographic

The Incredible Pigeon What started as a curious joke, led me to discover some pretty fascinating subcultures in pigeon racing and pigeon fancying, all of which are at a risk of

bread pigeon enamel pin by redribbonshoppe on Etsy

This stylish pigeon. Pin is polished, gold-plated hard enamel, with a rubber clutch backing. Measures approximately cm wide. This is a Red Ribbon Shoppe original design.

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Some character designs of pigeons I completed last night for a film I'm directing called "SHOOT". It tells the story about an Assas.

White ring neck doves can barely fly more than a mile but white homing pigeons can find their way home from distances of more than 500 miles. The birds are used to relay messages in war, and are also released during weddings and funerals.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The dove is one of Aphrodite's birds. Doves can symbolize love and peace. The dove can also symbolize the Holy Spirit