Pilates Chair workout video.  Detailed instructor on how to adjust and flow through the exercises.  http://www.pilates-back-joint-exercise.com/pilates-chair.html

Note from TeamMona: 12 minute clip of a complete intermediate Pilates Wunda Chair Workout. Did you know that Joseph Pilates invented the Wunda Chair to be a compact gym that could fit in the corner of your living room?

5 tips for pilates newbies from @LornaJaneActive

5 Things Pilates Newbies Should Know

Lower Body Workout Challenge on the Pilates Chair: Single Leg Pumps with Crossover

Lower Body Workout Challenge on the Pilates Chair

Get a lower body workout challenge with the Pilates chair. Here, Pilates instructor Kevin Bowen shows you how to strengthen your core, hips, and legs with a challenging Pilates chair lower body workout.

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See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for pilates equipment you can buy on Shutterstock.

Pilates: Snake Twist on the Gratz Wunda Chair~

Exercises on the Malibu Pilates Chair

The renowned Pilates teacher Carroll Krieff designed the Malibu Pilates Chair to provide Pilates equipment for home use. When you purchase the chair, you also receive a variety of workout DVDs with exercise programs of different lengths, a workout chart t

Five Ways to Get Toned With A Pilates Ball

5 Ways to get Toned With A Pilates Ball

We are all about props at MOD Fitness. Props like resistance bands and the pilates ball are an effective way to challenge your body and target hard-to-tone areas.

Beginner Pilates Chair Workout - YouTube

This full workout on the Pilates Chair designed for newer clients. We start with exercises that primarily focu.

Pilates Abs Workout With a Chair: Part One

Pilates Abs Workout With a Chair: Part One

This core routine couldn't be simpler to do at home. All you need is a sturdy chair! These three moves comprise Part One of a our Pilates Abs Chair Workout.