Actually, yeah, I do understand this more than I do women...

It also responds as expected when touched and if there is turbulence, there is always a manual to help safely operate.

Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor?

Actual Exchanges Between Pilots And Control Towers. The Last One Is Gold.

Actual exchanges between air traffic control and airplanes: Who said pilots don't have a sense of humor?

Boredom. one of the best of monty python


Funny pictures about When Pilots Get Bored. Oh, and cool pics about When Pilots Get Bored. Also, When Pilots Get Bored photos.

Pilot Humor Meme - having a laugh, serious lessons at

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Getting High Airline Pilot Poster

Getting High Airline Pilot Poster

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If only!  (via Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr)

This would be hilarious to have a pilot with this awesome sense of humor!

The Pilots Prayer

The Pilots Prayer is a charming aviation poem about communicating with Air Traffic Control, and something we think will give all pilots a good laugh.

Original photograph at the airport in Tucamcari, New Mexico, with the popular pilot quote A mile of road will take you a mile, a mile of runway

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