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A DIY Christmas: Decorating your Home on a Budget

Pink pinecone ornament - 10 Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas That Work: Fundraising & awareness events can even be held during Christmastime

Christmas Ornaments

It’s never too early to start for Christmas decoration, is it? And snowflakes, with their fancy, geometric design are a perfect inspiration for Holiday decorations.

Pink Champagne Christmas Ornaments. See How to Make Your Own Today!

DIY Pink Champagne Christmas Ornaments

See how to make these beautiful, shabby-chic style pink champagne Christmas ornaments. Easy to make, they add a special sparkle to your Christmas tree.

Temporary tattoos transfer onto pretty much anything (that doesn't have a thick pelt - sorry Fido). It's a game changer for all things glass and plastic.

Make your own baubles with temporary tattoos