Pink in french

The French Bedroom Company Blog, Coming p Roses - tips on how to get the colour du jour - Blush Pink into your home interiors rooms. Couple with metallics, copper, rose gold, gold, silver, inky blues, dark green and white. Lots of pink home interior inspiration

Coming Up Roses - Blush Pink for Your Home

Blush pink interior home decor: Combine with colors of dark green, copper, rose gold.

Conjugation: the imperfect tense in French

L'imparfait - The Imperfect tense

Selfrench Academy: library of resources targeted at beginners / intermediate / advanced French learners. Lessons, recordings, worksheets and quizzes availlable

Pretty wedding cake with pink ruffle base and gold metallic top and drip finish

Beautiful wedding cakes to inspire you for an unforgettable wedding

Rhubarb and custard is a quintessentially British pudding - but here's Raymond Blanc's fancy French twist

Rhubarb and custard

Dessert meets cocktail in Raymond Blanc's fancy French twist on the classic Rhubarb & Custard British pudding.

Pick a food, an emotion, and something in nature  ( we were liars)

Pick a food, an emotion, and something in nature pin: georgiapeachyyy🍑

Blush tone rose bouquet serves as a floral centerpiece, love that it's surrounded with candles! how romantic for a pink wedding.

Wedding Table Setting and Centerpieces - pale pink roses and candles. --> Mercury vases and tea lights.

A guide to styling blush pink in your home. If you want to use blush pink in your sitting room, try a pretty pink corner sofa with neutral pillows.

There's been a lot of buzz in design circles around blush pinks in interiors…

I love everything about the exterior on this, the colours, the spacing between the top of the upstairs window and the roof, the 'hat' type roof, the nice large front door, the plants etc. :D Great look for an English house :D

Again with the uncanny likeness between this house and my own. Again, with the colors. White house with french grey windows. Almost identical to the colors of our house

four outfit formulas that never fail: easy outfit ideas that will work well with capsule wardrobes and make getting dressed a whole lot easier!

Outfit Formulas That Never Fail

I'm a huge fan of the "outfit formula" - an easy way to make sure you always have something to wear that makes you look good and feel comfortable. Here are four of my favourite outfit formulas, suitable for classic / retro dressers

The Luxurious Sylvia Silver Bed by the   French Bedroom Company - what is prettier?

Sylvia Silver Luxury Bed (King)

TRENDS | 15 interiors mastering Pantone 2016 color of the year | Here are 15 inspiring interiors that take pink to the next level, from a pink hued room accessory to a whole pink room for a full “la vie en rose” effect. No, rose quartz is not just a baby girl room color, it can also add softness, style, and panache to a grown-up interior | via French By Design

15 interiors mastering Pantone 2016 color of the year

Rose Quartz: 15 interiors mastering Pantone 2016 color of the year - French By Design